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Resin 3D printing uses light-sensitive polymers. Light-sensitive polymers harden under UV light, this hardening is called in molecular chemistry, "Cross-linking". The cross-linking reaction is an exothermic process. takes place during the passage from the liquid state to the solid state, up to 100°C. This heat applied to the polymer chains can cause the part to shrink, if it is not designed appropriately to counter these interactions. We cannot apply these constraints to our dental models, we cannot modify them. But GMG has developed 3D bases, which we can add to our digital files. These bases are designed to counter the cross-linking interactions of our models. (Linear shrinkage during UV-curing) to check on your resins.

The ARCO 3D BASE is the most effective, thanks to its many pillars, it maintains the model under stress by eliminating tensions during the deep hardening of this one. 

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