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The ARTIX 3D Cad software allows you to add a printable base to your STL models, for increased rigidity and precision, without increasing the printing time.
You will be able to mount your models in the articulator with the ARTIX Aligner system, without plaster in a record time of 30 seconds, and with the same precision obtained by the best mounting plasters in the articulator. Avoiding the problems of reticulation of the printing resins.

The CENTRIX 3D Cad software, allows the same functions as ARTIX 3D Cad, but in addition it has the "CENTRIX V3" module which allows you to add to your PEI, the necessary elements, for a registration of the occlusion, by guaranteeing the same precision as a facebow but, in less than 3 minutes, thanks to the elements of the "CENTRIX V1" Kit which come to mate with the PEI created by this software.

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